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What to Do If You’re Involved in a Car Accident

Car Collision
Car accidents are usually unexpected and not anything you ever want to happen to you. Some accidents are minor, while others may cause severe injury to you or others involved and could result in a hospital stay or even death.
If you are involved in a car accident, you should take certain steps immediately after, as well as in the weeks afterwards, to both protect yourself and to ensure you are given proper compensation. The most important thing is to remain as calm as possible.
Read on for other helpful tips if you are involved in an accident.
Call For Help
You should always call for help after a car accident. If there are injuries, call 9-1-1 after you have assessed the injuries so you can give as much information as possible to the 9-1-1 operator.
If the accident was minor without any injuries, you should still call for help, but use the non-emergency number for the local police department. Listen for further instructions from the operator as far as what to do. They may send a police officer out to you, or they may tell you that you can come in to the police department to file a police report.
Don't Move If Injured
If you are injured, try your best not to move until help arrives. Moving may cause your injuries to worsen, especially if you have a back or neck injury. Try to remain still until help arrives. You should also give this advice to anyone in your car that is also injured so they also do not harm themselves further.
The emergency responders will get you out of your vehicle with the right medical equipment and tools so you don't injure yourself further.
Do Not Apologize
Apologizing for the accident is like admitting the accident was your fault. Do not apologize to the other party or to anyone else about the accident, even if you think you're at fault. Accidents happen for a number of reasons and you may not have been the cause of the accident at all, so don't apologize.
Remain calm when talking to the other party involved, exchange necessary information, and assess their injuries as well as your own, but do not admit guilt or apologize for the incident.
Do Not Give Personal Information to the Other Party
Only provide necessary information with the other party, such as the insurance information. The police officer taking a report of the accident will also ask for this information. Only give your personal information to the police officer, not to the other party.
Never give any other information to the other party involved such as your phone number, social security number, address, or other personal information - they do not need this information.
Call Your Insurance Company
Contact your insurance company right away about the accident. That way, you can get any paperwork started on the accident and your car can get assessed by the insurance adjuster. The quicker you contact your insurance company, the quicker you can get your car in to be repaired and a check mailed to you (or the repair shop) for the repairs.
Find a Personal Injury Attorney
If you had any injuries, or any other loss, that resulted from your accident, a personal injury attorney can be very beneficial to you. A lot of times insurance companies will only pay for the accident and some of the medical bills, not on-going medical bills or lost wages. But you may be entitled to this compensation as well through a personal injury case.
Make an appointment with a personal injury attorney that is knowledgeable in local laws, has trial experience, and has experience in dealing with insurance companies and medical companies as well. Don't be left with medical bills and lost wages from your accident.
Call Hernandez Law Offices today for a consultation to discuss your case to see if you are entitled to some compensation as a result of your car accident.